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I’m Courtney Carman, an experience designer based in London hailing from Melbourne, Australia! I’m a natural problem-solver. If something doesn’t feel, look or function in the right way – I will take it apart, figure out a better way and put it back together. My experience spans eCommerce driven online campaigns, native app design (iOS), brand identity, social media campaign development and conversion driven landing page optimisation. 

But why?

I have always been driven towards problem-solving, design is just the medium I have been most fluent. My goal is to lead and direct positive change and always leave a workplace or client a little bit better than it was before. My passions lie in the retail, health & wellness, food, travel, education and not-for-profit.




"Courtney's great strength in design is her holistic thinking and methodic approach to addressing the central design problem.  She is able to unpack complex problems systematically with design thinking and a great deal of empathy.  Courtney collaborates effortlessly with clients and fellow team members.  She's a pleasure to work with and would make a valuable addition to any design team."

Rakesh Rachamalla, Experience Design Director — Products at DT


"The work produced by Courtney whilst she has been her has all been of a very high standard and in line with the briefs, she has received. Courtney has the somewhat rare fusion of skills which not only allows her to be a great designer but she is also excellent working with people and in a team. She essentially has project managed the development of our new website and re-brand working seamlessly with a range of different people internally to ensure the project runs smoothly and in a timely manner. She has excellent interpersonal skills which allow her to relate well to others and get the best out of them. She will be missed..."

Lou Spargo, GAD at Grant Day James


"Courtney is a hardworking and dedicated designer.  During her time at kikki.K Courtney managed to juggle various design jobs and competing deadlines with ease.  She was a fast learner and approached all projects with enthusiasm and creativity.  Courtney was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her for other design roles."

Lillian Lim, Head of Marketing at kikki.K


"Courtney is a talented designer who thinks creatively and can turn her ideas into results that more than meet client expectations.  She is pro-active and enthusiastic and sets high challenges for herself which she always finds ways to reach.  During her time at Balance, she embraced the online space in particular design concerned with app development, Facebook campaigns and web design.  Courtney will be a great asset to any business and I would highly recommend her."

Rebekah Kamsky, Head of Digital at Balance

My approach

I approach problems by getting the flavour of a brand personality and merging this with UX and visual design elements. Learning about the people behind the brand and the user we are designing for is what drives any concept. It’s about collaboration and teamwork, so bringing the right people together is where it counts

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