Brazilian Butterfly

Email Marketing and Design

– Art Direction
– Visual Design
– User Experience
– Marketing Assistant

Photoshop,  Illustrator
Designed at
Brazilian Butterfly, 2014

Brazilian Butterfly's email direct marketing designs were not coded, therefore many users were not viewing the great offers we were sending out. The visual designs were also not up to date with the fresh contemporary approach to the brand.


The challenge

Email marketing was a method of marketing the Franchisee's used quite frequently, however, customers were not viewing the marketing emails, as they were images, not coded and were being blocked by many mail servers. The design was also not in line with the newer look, so it was important to give them a face lift to bring them inline. The new designs needed to fit into an existing custom customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and we needed to start measuring the success of our eDMs.

My role

As the sole designer, art director and often a marketing assistant at Brazilian Butterfly, I identified that what may seem a really basic tool in marketing had been overlooked and needed to be brought up to a basic industry standard. I worked with the in-house I.T. Manager to develop a design that would fit into the custom CRM system, as it needed to be edited by Franchisee's to suit their needs. We also put into place some capabilities to start measuring our National Campaigns as well as Local Area Marketing.


The outcome

A suite of eDM designs were created so that Franchisee's could communicate to their clientele with ease, whether they're on their desktop or on their mobile. Franchisee feedback was very positive and they were inspired to use more digital methods of marketing rather than just the way they were used to – print.