Foster Care NSW

Foster Carer Resource Site

– Lead Designer
– Art Direction
– User Experience
– Visual Design

Squiz, 2016
Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, Sketch, Zeplin

Foster Care New South Wales currently uses a 200 page resource document as part of the training pack that is given to all new Foster Carers when bringing children to their home. The document houses vital information about children aged from infant to 17 years of age.

The key purpose of the website was to have a place where this information could be housed, easily updated, easily accessed and easily navigated.


The challenge

The original brief was to take an existing template used for the Youth sector, as this was an interim website, this design used appx 4 templates plus the landing page. The challenge was 4-5 templates were not enough for the new content-heavy website, so it was my role to recommended that we consider expanding the template library to suit the current needs of the client and any future information they may like to add.

It was important to the client that the bright colour range used as separators from the booklet, was represented on the website and that the website was content driven, not using too many images. Searchability was also important for users wanting to drill down quickly.

My role

I was the lead designer and UX on this project reporting to the creative director. I liaised with the project manager and content strategist when developing the structure of the site and was really given creative control when it came to the visual direction. I also was responsible for presenting the work I was designing in our Melbourne office to the client that was located in Sydney via video conference. As they were also based in Sydney meetings were run through google hangouts. I was also responsible for writing a very basic functional specification sheet which was then briefed to the developers.


The outcome

The final outcome was a responsive website design executed by myself. The website could be accessed by Foster Carers whenever and wherever they are and could get them the latest information they needed as quickly as possible.