Grant Day James

Branding and Marketing

– Art Direction
Lead Designer
User Experience
Stakeholder Managment

Sketch, Zeplin, Photoshop, Invision, Illustrator
Grant Day James, 2017

Grant Day James (advertising agency) was a classic case of producing excellent client work while never quite having enough time to develop their own brand and marketing activities.

The GDJ visual identity was undeveloped consisting limited imagery and one tagline, the brand's visual identity was inconstant with mixed typefaces throughout collateral, the brands values were not being communicated through its identity. The pitch and proposal process was slow due to inaccessible templates.

I wore many hats during this project, it kicked off with consulting the business owners to define a brand direction. From here I researched and gathered inspiration to create mood boards through to finalising brand direction and begun visual identity development. I also worked with the social media manager to expand their social media presence and developed a content calendar to promote brand awareness.

Gathering requirements to update the brand footprint (website, email, templates, stationery and other collateral) with newly developed brand direction and then directed and coordinated team members to implement. Through this development team members educated one another on complementary roles, process and workflow – it started to get people on the same page and most importantly the brand would resonate from the inside out.



It's the way we work...

The GDJ brand mantra is "It's the way we work", embodying the values of man's best friend  – agility, focus, loyalty and most importantly smarts! Something that was missing from the existing brand visual identity was the presence of the people that work there. GDJ is a family that have a load of personality, who like to have fun but also "work like a dog" to get the job done. Through the introduction of natural, colourful, observational photography as well as developing a handcrafted illustration style – we now get a chance to get to know the people behind the work.