Grant Day James

Website Development

– Art Direction
Lead Designer
User Experience
Stakeholder Managment

Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Illustrator
Designed at
Grant Day James, 2017

Grant Day James (GDJ) had started the journey to redesigning their website to bring it in line with what they do as an agency. It was my role to make sure we stayed true to the GDJ brand by showcasing their work in an interesting way and communicating that "It's the way we work", that makes them different from the rest.

Continuing on from the Brand development project, GDJ identified that they needed to update their website for the following reasons; to apply consistency to their overall brand/visual identity, to better communicate it’s service offering as well as showcasing examples of their work and to implement functionality to support marketing activities such as social media.

By interviewing stake holders to outline key needs and considerations – the time to know the brand. Then I conducted competitor research, delivered an information architecture that the team knew would work best for them we went through an iterative development process. Wire frames were developed where I worked closely with the copy writer and leads to develop the content – a fluid process was important to them.

It was then my responsibility to execute the design, I engaged different members of the design team to assist as I directed the project to ensure that the new visual identity was considered. Upon the project wrapping up I documented designs so that we could brief the development team for hand-over.