Wise Old Owl

Cafe Branding

– Art Direction
– Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, Hand crafted

Charlie Green was opening a cafe in honour of her Grandmother, who taught them everything they know about cooking and baking.

A clean simple look and feel for the branding and cafe environment, while allowing the food to speak. Her Grandmother had an infatuation and a love of owls and from this the name "Wise Old Owl".


The challenge

A brief was given to create an identity for a new cafe Wise Old Owl in Northcote. A mark and type were required to be applied across all aspects of the cafe, from signage to cups, promotional bags, uniforms and menus.

My role

It was my responsibility to create a brand that embodied the feel of what Charlie wanted to portray. Applications were also up for consideration when developing the mark and visual identity. From a marketing perspective, it was my role to gather the requirements from the owners. It was a very casual conversation exploring all the different area of their business and all the people that they come in contact with – from suppliers through to the customers. We chatted through their local area marketing plans to ensure there was creative that could be utilised around the community as well as online.

The outcome

We created a lovely handcrafted brand look and feel from those wanting to pop in for their morning take away coffee, to those who want to sit down and enjoy a home-style meal or baked treat!